The history of Merrow Downs – do you know that:-

On the north side of the golf course no trees are shown on the 1948 OS map. It may have been grazed by animals or perhaps cleared for the war effort. Later, trees were planted in a coppice either for charcoal burning or for craftwork using coppice stools.

The parade ground where 60 years ago the prisoner-of-war camp was sited is still evident.

A building has existed on the site of Keepers Cottage since 1856. Today the area is called Harewarren possibly because hares were bred for coursing there hence the need for a keeper.

An area of land on the Downs is owned by the Duke of Northumberland and managed by Surrey Wildlife Trust.

Merrow parish boundary markers dated 1836 and 1899 are still in place.

Quarries, marked on 1896 OS map, part of the flint pits, can be found showing evidence of historical working on the Downs.

At least one of Merrow’s ancient yew trees still growing on the Downs has been estimated to be over 1000 years old. The Druids described them as wise due to their great age.