Merrow Residents' Association (MRA) exists to inform its members within the community of local issues and events and to represent members' interests and concerns when necessary. The full "Constitution" is printed on this website.

When members provide their personal details on joining or for annual renewal, all such data is in the exclusive possession of the MRA Executive Committee.

We have not shared the data with any third party and our reason for any contact with members is for Legitimate Interest only, as described below:-

Membership Renewal forms sent annually by post.
Reminder letters sent by post if renewals are unpaid within 12 months.
"Merrow Life" newsletter sent by post twice per year.
Email news and events sent periodically, if email details have been supplied.
The Committee of MRA has appointed a Data Controller and a Data Processor, within its Executive, to ensure all members' data is stored securely and will not be shared with any third party.

Our members can change their preferences for contact at anytime and will be reminded annually about this.