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Welcome to Merrow Residents' Association web pages.

The Merrow Residents Association has been in existence for 40 years and continues to provide a focus for Merrow on environmental, planning, historical and local issues and has a membership of about 600 people. It is served by a voluntary committee that acts in an apolitical manner to ensure that Merrow retains its present unspoilt and attractive appearance. If you wish to know more about us and what we do please contact the

Please see Minutes of AGM in April 2015

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Chairman’s Spring Notes 2015

I am writing this note as your Chairman having been appointed by your committee in November to fill the vacant post following the unwelcome proposal for the removal of the site occupied by Clandon Golf adjacent to the Merrow Park and Ride out of the Green Belt as precursor to the development of the site with 1000 houses, some shops and a school- a proposal that I, personally, will oppose. This proposal will be the main item on the agenda of our AGM. You can find a copy of the relevant site plan for this proposed development at Clandon Golf. The future shape of both Merrow and our lovely town are now in the spotlight and the voice of the residents of Merrow must be heard!

Many of us are concerned about the state of our roads. If you spot a large pothole please report it to Surrey County Council; it is not too difficult to make a report online and I have found that you will get a fairly rapid and also satisfactory response.

The Merrow depot is still causing some nuisance problems to its’ neighbours that are being taken very seriously by both our MP, Anne Milton, and Cllr Graham Ellwood. To be fair most of the commercial occupants of the site are doing their very best to reduce noise levels and although there are bursts of unacceptable activity from to time, overall there have been some real improvement in the last 6 months or so. There were bound to be some problems with noise from the gritting lorries - unfortunate but necessary.

In the last few weeks we have been made aware of the theft of grit from the MRA grit bins. Very sad really.

As you will be aware SCC's Redwood Care Home has closed and the site has been sold to a developer. We will keep a close eye on what is proposed for this site.

We are also keeping an eye on the roadway that has been constructed from Merrow Lane onto land owned by developer Martin Grant Homes to get access to the railway line substation. We have taken an interest as it would provide access to Gosden Hill Farm, which is another Green Belt site in the Borough which it has been suggested might be developed. Clearly any development at Gosden Hill Farm would impact upon Merrow and would increase traffic into, out of and through Merrow. Although the roadway transects Common Land there was a gateway into Gosden Hill Farm and it could be argued that this roadway is no more than an extension of what was there already!

Keith Meldrum

March 2015